Pain Free Anaesthesia

Are You Dental Phobic ?

When Thinking Of Going To The Dentist,Pain Is The One Aspect That Most Patients Dread And Often What Prevent Patients From Seeking Treatment. For Many Patients Thew Injection Of Dental Anesthetics Is The Most Unpleasantpart Of A Dental Treatement.

We Have Thought About You Andwe Care For You

So We Have Invested In Wand

wDental Aneshesia (Numbingof Teeth ) Without A Syringe And Without Pain For Those Patients With Needle Phobiaand And Dentist Fear That Is Why We Now Utilize An Innovative Local Anesthesia Delivery System Which Causes No Pain. This New Technology Is Extremely Who Just Prefer A More Comfortable Injection.

A Dramatic Advancementin Anesheesa Deliveery Will Make Your Next Dentalprocedure More Comfortable And Rewardingb Then Ever.We Have Inc\Vested In Sta ,Single Tooth Anethsia,A Computer Controoleddigital Anthesia A Computer Controled Digital Anthesia Delivery System Wand That Precisely Targets One Tooth For Numberting Where The Steady,Slow Delivery Of Anthesia Flows Ahead Of The Needle,Numbering The Tissue Before The Needle Penetrates It. Painless Tooth Numbering Without Syringe.

Patient Comfort Is Impertive To A Positive Experinece. So Dr,Dalal Has Replacedn Traditional Injection With This Innvotive Technology .It Workds Well For Patients Of All Ages. You No Longer Have To Worry About Uncomfotable Dental Anthesia Injections Or Numbness That Extends To Your Cheeks, Lips And Nose.

The Sta System Provides Informationn On The Type Of Tissue Dr, Dalal Ecounters In Your Mouth, All Well As The Pressure Of The Anthesia Delivery. This Allows Her To Accuratelyplace Dental Anthesia Delivery. This Allows Her To Accuratly Place Dental Anethsia Into A Tooth's Ligament, Which Results In Single Tooth Numbering You 'Ii Find Peace Of Mind And Body With This Amazing New System. And When Patients Are Comfortable Dr.Dalal Feels More Comfortable ,So The Entire Dental Experience Is Better.